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Neighbor-to-Neighbor 2 January 14, 2008

Posted by galwaypubliclibrary in Hot Event, Programs.

Have you read a book you loved and wanted to share recently? Why not recommend it to our patrons? Write a brief review including the title, author, why you liked it, and maybe a brief summary.  You can drop it off at the library, reply to this blog entry, or e-mail it to galway@sals.edu.  If we own the book, you may find your recommendation sitting out on the circulation desk for everyone to enjoy!

For previous recommendations, see our first entry on this program here.

And while you’re in the library, don’t forget to sign up for one or more of our upcoming programs.  Check them out here.


Neighbor to Neighbor November 14, 2007

Posted by galwaypubliclibrary in Programs.

 Recommend a good book to your neighbors! Have you read a great book this year? Why not recommend them to our readers? 

We are collecting suggestions from community members to create a display in the library and/or to post on our website. Write a brief review of your recommendation include the title, author and a brief statement about why you liked it. You can spice it up with a short summary of the story or other information you think is important if you like. Sign it with your name or intials and drop it off at the library or email it to galway@sals.edu .